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Ecologic Garden

As Turkey’s only member of the exclusive worldwide boutique hotel organization, Relais & Châteaux, Museum Hotel strives to provide guests with the most delicious and natural appetizers and meals. The hotel has an ecological garden within walking distance from the main site, situated in the shadows of the fairy chimneys. During your stay, spend some time in the garden and taste its fruits and vegetables. Pick some to be served for your lunch or dinner. If you’re having a cookery lesson with us, pick a number of ingredients from the garden alongside our chef.

Not only does Museum Hotel feature this unique garden, the hotel also owns the 200-acre “Indigo Responsible Farming” site. As a part of our brand, the farm produces the best examples of ecological products under the ‘Good Farming Practice Code.’ From apples to almonds, strawberries to walnuts... there is a wide variety of produce on the land. A good part of the land is devoted to horticulture—the production of grapes—which are used in the production of the hotel’s wines.

We also produce our own 100% organic honey as well as having free-range chickens whose fresh eggs are served at breakfast to our guests.




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